I'm paid by the banks, not you.

The good news is the Property Plan service does not actually cost you any money of your pocket. I am paid by the bank and it does not affect the interest rate you pay. 

As a Mortgage Broker, I am licensed to help provide you home loan advice from over 30 different banks in order for you to gain the best rate and structure to your home loan.

Whether you are buying, selling, upgrading, renovating or just refinancing; I can provide you the full property plan service at no cost directly to you because when you lodge your loan through me I am paid by the bank. 

When you settle, the bank you choose pays me both an upfront commission and an ongoing commission. 

These commissions allow me to give you advice, not only at first but at any point after.

To give you comfort, I have every major lender on the panel and I write business with everyone every year.

Secondly, as I am able to get the banks to compete against each other I can ensure you get the best possible rate and structure for your situation. 

The best bank is always changing and whoever is wanting you the most we will use.