For all of us, life is busy.

Day in, day out we juggle work, family, friends, fun and freedom.

Every day we wake up and before we know it, another day is over. Days turn in to weeks, weeks fold in to months, months become years. Life is fast and taking time out to slow down is a challenge for us all.

But what if you could. What if you could take a step back and give yourself the gift of time.

What if you could go somewhere to consider where you want life to go. What if you could turn those ideas in to dreams. What if you could have a professional coach to help you think through your dreams financially. What if you could begin taking meaningful steps towards making them a reality.

Let me introduce you to Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching is here to slow you down.

My role is to help you take time out of your daily life to design the life you want before it begins to design itself. 

Wealth Coaching brings the conversations, the great ideas and dreams you discuss to a professional coaching environment. The important conversations you have in the car, over dinner or on holiday, we take the time to finally put them down on paper and start to turn them in to a reality. 

At our coaching sessions, we will talk and we talk. This is your time to throw everything out on to the table. This is your forum to decide what you value, what matters to you and your family.

So we all have dreams but do we all have a plan?

Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves are hoping it all just magically comes together. That new home, reducing our hours at work or even stopping work one day we hope it just happens knowing we probably should plan for it.

So we know we need a plan, but do we make one?

The answer is sadly no. The vast majority of us do not have a plan. 

To make a plan is never as simple as it sounds. Sure we can put together a rough plan but making a real plan takes time, it takes commitment and it takes knowledge.

Firstly, you need to take time out of your busy life to ask yourself big questions. Big questions such as what truly matters to you and what you want the future to be. This is not just financially but life itself.

We all have a tendency to want it all but even if you can, it makes sense to decide what is truly vital, what is more desirable and what if push came to shove does not matter at all. 

To build a plan you will also need financial knowledge to know all the different options you have available. You will need to have a process and independent views to help you think the challenges and important choices that lie ahead.

You will need to carefully think through the big life transitions that on the way. You will need to have a way to bridge the gaps that lie ahead.

So do you want a plan? Yes, Yes, Yes. 

Let me guess, you have all the best intentions and know you need to do it.. but what happens? 

Life is what happens. Life takes over. 

The plan to 'get a plan', never happens. 

If this sounds like you, Wealth Coaching was built for you.

We work with you to take time out to plan for your life, not just once, but every 90 days. 

Wealth Coaching is designed to empower you through knowledge and coaching, it's not about telling you what to do.

We discuss your life, not your finances. Your family, work, friends, health and lifestyle. 

We encourage you to make big life decisions. Big decisions knowing you have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.

Wealth Coaching is not about helping you make more money. Wealth coaching is a professional partnership; a framework to consistently align your life and your finances together in one place.

In simple terms, my role as a Wealth Coach is to 

  • Help reduce life stress by improving your relationship with finances 

  • Help you focus on what you value and consistently take action to building more of it

  • Encourage you to live out your dreams knowing you have planned for it

  • Help you save, grow and use wealth for reasons that matter to you

  • Simplify your life to save you time today and make up time in your future  

Wealth Coaching is never usually easy at first.

Good advice can sometimes be confronting and uncomfortable. It can ask you to make changes and take action in a different way. It can push you to make big life decisions and it will ask you to take steps towards building the life you want.