Are you looking to buy a new home or invest in Property?

If you are, please stop.

This is one of your biggest financial decisions. You need to get it right. 

Buying a property can be an extremely rewarding and life changing decision. It can improve your financial situation considerably. It can give you amazing lifestyle benefits but for many it can also be a huge mistake.

If you have ever tried to buy property before, you will know it's not as easy as it sounds to get it right. It is challenging, expensive and time consuming. There are many costly mistakes you can make and really only get one shot at it.

Buying any property is easy, buying the best property is hard.
— Chris Bates

How can I help? I'm not an ordinary mortgage broker

Unfortunately, most Mortgage Brokers see their role as the facilitator in helping provide you the finance to buy the property you want to buy. Generally, they feel that their job is to organise the home loan setup and get you a good rate. But if your strategy, the property you are buying and overall what you're wanting to do does not make financial sense, they most likely will not say. 

The job of a Mortgage Broker should be much more than just getting you a loan at a good rate. That is just the ticket to the game. The broker should make sure you do everything right, not just the loan but everything start to finish.

My passion towards Mortgage Brokering comes from almost a decade of experience as a Financial Planner. I know how important it is to get investing in property right. After meeting thousands of people, everyone has a habit of looking back at their financial decisions. They reflect on whether you did a great job and should have done better. They tend to feel regret when they rushed decisions and gratitude when they took the time to make a better decision with professional help.

So if you are looking at buying, upgrading, investing or even just want to get a better rate, please do book an introduction call. 

Alternatively, please send a message and I'll be in touch to discuss further