Investing is not speculating - 50 points to make you think.

Investing is not simple but it can be easy once learned.

Below are a list of short quotes I have written to explain to my clients my personal philosophy in regards to investing. I use this and other things as part of my education process. You need to be educated to be a good investor.

Humans are emotional creatures and that does not align with what it takes to be a success as an investor. 

The investment world loves to create debate about what is best in class and what we should be doing. I also argue that this noise creates billions of wasted human hours by smart (overpaid) people doing things they know they cannot do. 

They would be better giving up and spending their life dedicating it to adding value in this world. 

If you disagree or not follow one of these, I am happy to explain my view. Bare in mind however that one piece of a jenga puzzle is only useful if you have all the others supporting it. 

There would be hundreds more and i would love to hear some of yours. 

    • The biggest risk to long term success, will be yourself
    • Your performance will be determined by not making mistakes, not by getting things right
    • Invest for your WHY, not because you feel you SHOULD
    • Know who you ARE, just as much as what you KNOW
    • Get rich SLOW or get POOR fast
    • Timing markets is like timing traffic lights 
    • Your performance is what matters, not anyone else's. 
    • Don't listen to your brain, it wants you to lose
    • While capitalism is alive, we will have a stock market
    • The investment industry love to market what WAS a good investment
    • You do not need to be the smartest person in the room
    • Compound returns create real wealth, short term wins create paper wealth
    • Academic evidence is your friend, speculation is the enemy
    • Don't give money to a fund manager who is married to the index 
    • The shorter your investment timeframe, the more today and tomorrow matters
    • For every seller there is a buyer, for every winner there is a loser
    • “Invest for a minimum five years” is marketing BS to get you to invest
    • Investment debt is good, unless it turns out to a bad investment
    • Risk is always more important than the potential return
    • Invest early, often and forget about it
    • Never bear too much or too little risk
    • Every day or year is not a tactical opportunity, they rarely exist
    • Opportunity cost will always be the biggest cost
    • Patience wins the game
    • Diversification protects and benefits from the unexpected future
    • Rebalance, Rebalance, Rebalance
    • Property is a great asset class, but not the only one
    • The property market is not one market. It is 100s of markets
    • Value, small & profitable companies do outperform long term, but you will not know when
    • Predictions are pointless and not an investment strategy
    • Common sense is not common, so do not follow the herd
    • The smaller your portfolio, the less the little tweaks matter or add value
    • Focus on what you can control, delete what you cannot
    • Be a smart investor, turn off the news
    • Save money anywhere you can, do not waste money on hope
    • Put money on and take it off the table when market returns are telling you not to
    • Time will always be your best friend until it is not
    • Preserve wealth when it matters to YOU, take additional risk when it right for YOU
    • Be pro-active, not re-active in every decision
    • People always over exaggerate their good stories and forget about the bad
    • If it sounds too good to be true, it always is
    • Leakages matter. Plug holes and stop paying unnecessary fees and taxes
    • A tax deduction is a reduction in a LOSS, A tax bill is a reduction in a PROFIT
    • Investing is a skill and it can be learned
    • Always differentiate between luck or skill
    • Apple was not always Apple and will not always be Apple
    • Nobody made money by constantly switching strategy
    • Insider knowledge does exist, it’s just illegal to know that it is what it is
    • To stop yourself from drowning, learn how to swim
    • Investing in yourself is an investment
    • Avoid complexity, gravitate towards simplicity
    • Remember to have a plan b, c and d
    • Doing nothing is NOT doing NOTHING
    • Nobody knows it all or in fact anything
    • Responsible investments = responsible investing
    • Your neighbourhood is usually the worst place to invest
    • Returns do not happen in a straight line, so be conscious that the order matters in which they arrive
    • A risk profile is worthless, unless you know what you need to achieve
    • You may think you're unique, but your goals may not be
    • Never forget your WHY