I would love to help everyone, but like all services it suits some more than others.

For most it will not be worthwhile for you to engage my Wealth Coaching service right now and you may be more suited to the Property Plan service. 

The people I can help the most

While higher incomes and growing assets are important, I focus on helping clients that take action towards designing a life plan around what matters to them.

We are not focused on making as much money as we can, we work together to build wealth to help you live a life that will matter to you. 

Money is the really on the enabler for my clients and having more money is not the outcome we focus on.

We focus on making sure you are taking action to make sure you have the ability financially to do all the things that matter to you.

Below are some of the similarities in the clients that I love to work with.

The Wealthful model is perfect for 

  1. Younger Couples - Aged between 25 and 50

  2. Growing Family - Young children or ones on the way one day (Many clients have no children or plans to have them)

  3. Strong Purpose -  Strong purpose to live a meaningful life. A love for traveling, learning, the world and have big dreams about the future

  4. Ambitious Goals - They usually have set ambitious life goals and aspire to be their best, whatever that may be. 

  5. Aspiring Careers - They usually are passionate, hard working and successful in their careers. Their incomes are rising and they continue to skill themselves. Work is not just work and they seek meaning through it. They are likely earning in excess of $250,000 per year combined as a couple. 

  6. Save Vs Spend - Most clients love to spend money on enjoying life but they also have the ability to save if there was meaning to their saving.

  7. Assets are building - Most clients have saved and invested in the past. They are out of personal debt, growing their assets and are looking to take meaningful steps forward every year.

  8. Inspiring Home - They have built an inspiring home for their family or have plans to build a happy home for their family one day. 

  9. Wellbeing Focused - They usually value living a busy and eventful life but one that is healthy and balanced. They understand that happiness comes from being balanced across all areas of their life. 

  10. Partnerships - They value friendships, family and meaningful connections. They know the best things in life money cannot buy and that strong relationships are a key ingredient to happiness

  11. Value Experiences - They usually value experiences, travel and making memories more than material possessions. 

  12. Doers - My clients love to take action. While they may not be doing everything right they need to right now, they know with a bit of guidance they can and will make the change.

  13. Friendly - They usually are friendly, kind and meaning driven. 

  14. Funny -  The love to have a bit of a laugh. They usually don't take themselves or life too seriously. They know life is for living, not stressing

Please don't worry if some of the points do not sound like you. We are all different.

But if it sounds a bit like you and you want a Wealth Coach to match, please say hello, I'd love to help.