Good advice is not free, but it should pay for itself.

Like most services, in order for us to work together there is a cost.

Every fee I charge is based on delivering you a measurable and valuable service, it is not based on how much money you earn or assets you have to invest.

The goods news with great financial advice is that it should lead you to much better financial outcomes, not just now but every year going forward. All of my clients will have received tailored advice that would have provided financial benefits that have dwarfed any fee they have paid to me.

Not just once, but many times over.

Fundamentally, my job is to stop you making one of many costly mistakes and to help you make better decisions. 

One bad decision could cost you $100,000s and if you make a better decision it could lead to $100,000s. Rest assured, the difference between making consistently good and avoiding bad financial decisions will be many millions over most peoples lifetimes. 

Commitment Fee

The first fee all new clients pay is an initial commitment fee. This fee covers the first three months of coaching sessions and is the only fee you pay to engage my services. 

The commitment fee is $3,300 (Inc GST).

Only after this fee is paid, will we begin our work together.

I decided to put this fee at an affordable level and to cover the first three months to allow you to take action immediately, rather than feeling obligated to commit to a longer term relationship without truly understanding the value in doing so.

Therefore, the first three months is my opportunity to get you moving in the right direction as soon as possible and for you to see results.

It's your opportunity to understand and experience the value of my services. 

At the end of three months, you will know if you want to continue with my services and by then I'm confident that we will already be heading in the right direction.

Ongoing Coaching Fee

At the end of the first three months and every year following we will agree a monthly fee based on your situation.

There are many factors to consider, such as

  • How many sessions will suit you

  • How complex the ongoing advice and support will be

  • How much additional research and planning work I need to undertake 

  • The work involved with other professionals partners i

  • Ongoing Investment management

As you can see, the amount of work can vary greatly from one year and one client to the next.

Therefore in order to be fair, my fee needs to flexible to match the service I provide.

Ongoing fees start at $300 a month but for some clients it is as high as $1,000 a month.

Most clients are paying $300 to $600 a month less the mortgage offset below. 

I do not believe in lock-in contracts and all fees are reset every year based on your changing situation. If you decide to stop at any point, you can stop paying my fees. 

Most clients pay this fee via their bank account or superannuation.

The good news is that it may be tax deductible if the ongoing advice is in relation to ongoing investment management. Most clients will qualify for this in some form but it will vary and you do need to have it approved by your accountant. 

Offset Mortgage Commission

One of the benefits my clients usually take advantage of is to reduce their ongoing coaching fee by ongoing Mortgage Commission.

If you decide to refinance your loan to a better deal or purchase a property through my mortgage broking service, I will receive an ongoing commission from the lending institution. This commission is paid to me every month but therefore all my mortgage clients get to offset any ongoing coaching fee. This makes it much cheaper for my clients to have me as their coach as the bank pays a portion of their fee.

For example, a wealth coaching client could be paying $400 a month may receive an offset of $150 a month and therefore only have a fee of $250 a month, which could also be partly tax deductible.