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When I started Wealthful back in 2014, I decided early on to solely partner with young families and it is a major difference to the vast majority of Financial Advisers who focus on working older clients, while trying to be experts for younger clients as well.

Today, I run a very simple business because all my clients are in very similar situations and are dealing with the same challenges. 

Whilst, I would love to help everyone, I now only work with clients that are the best match.

My clients are passionate couples with big dreams in their 30s and 40s. They are genuine, caring and kind people. They are positive, life learners and leaders in their professional lives.

They are based in Sydney and Melbourne, mainly employees earning incomes on the higher end as their careers have progressed.

The service they are looking for is more a coach, then traditional adviser that tells them what to do.

What I will do is coach them to better life outcomes, not tell them what to do to potentially make more money. 

If this sounds like you, you love great conversation, thinking outside the box and put a value on knowledge, we could be a great match.