Home Lift

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I was reading the paper over weekend, and this is another example how the future of homes will be entirely different. In the past, lifts were very expensive and a luxury but Compact Home Lifts https://lnkd.in/gKeEipx for example now do it for a fraction of the price. You see, things like this will undoubtedly become cheaper over time as demand rises, technology improves and new players enter the market. In the space of 5 years, prices could halve and even halve again. While it may have cost $50-100,000 in the past, for around $30,000 or so nowadays, you can have a multi floor lift installed. A lift, while it might not be that imporrant to you, it does change the game for investing in terrace like homes. In the past, downsizers and older generations wouldn’t go near homes with more than a couple of stairs but they would with a lift. A lift could open up a whole new buyer market in your terrace and I have to say, lifts in the home will almost be a normality in the years to come I believe. If you own a multi story home something to consider in the future #greatinvestment