We know where you want to go, now what?

Once we know the life you want to build, we need to make decisions. These decisions lead to taking action and my advice can help you take action in many different areas.

As a financial planner and mortgage broker, my advice can cover a lot  

  1. Scenario Analysis - Making sure you take the best route that suits your longer term plan

  2. Strategic Advice - Being smart on how you structure your income, assets, liability and cashflow to get better outcomes from investment, tax and management point of views.

  3. Cashflow - Managing your day to day money effectively and efficiently

  4. Loans - Home Loans, Investment Loans, Share Loans

  5. Debt Management - Making sure you have strategies in place to manage your debt the right way

  6. Property Investing - Helping you make a better property investment decisions

  7. Share Based Investments - Direct Shares, ETFs, Managed Funds

  8. Alternative Investing - Commercial Property, Private Equity, Geared Investments - there are many other options from traditional investing that we can explore

  9. Superannuation - Retail, Industry and SMSF Funds

  10. Borrowing Inside Superannuation - Sometimes it is wise to consider borrowing money to buy assets like Property.

  11. Insurance - Personal and Life

  12. Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, POA

As you can see there's lots we will cover but the important part is the first bit - Building the life you will value.