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I help young families live more fulfilling lives with Wealth Coaching, Financial Advice and Mortgage Broking. 

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Welcome and thank you for checking out Wealthful. 

I am Chris Bates, a Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker based in Sydney and Melbourne.

As you explore, I hope you will note that I am not your ordinary Financial Planner or Mortgage Broker. The Wealthful approach is different.

After working as a Financial Adviser for over a decade and 1,000s of client conversations, I knew there had to be a better way for young Australian families to take action with meaningful financial advice that made a difference.

I decided to build an actionable and simple system for young Australians. One that made a true difference, not just now but every year to every client. 

The Wealthful Way is here to help you take action towards building and living a life fulfilled with what you value and is based on helping Australian families in their 30s and 40s. 

My role is to partner with you to help you maximise what you value in life; your wellbeing and happiness, not your money.

The Wealthful Way is not based on telling you what to do to make more money. 

It is a professional coaching relationship that will help you design your life and most importantly take action towards it. 

My advice will use a crossover and mixture of Life Planning, Personal Financial Advice, Mortgage Broking and Wealth Coaching in order to help you make better life decisions. 

If you are here because you are considering getting financial advice, then please take your time and take a good look. This is not a small decision and you have many options out there.

Some options will suit you more than others and if you feel the Wealthful approach resonates with you, please get in contact. I'd love to help.

The best way to experience Wealthful is to join in the fun of